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By Miranda Shaw

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The Indian Buddhist global abounds with goddesses--voluptuous tree spirits, maternal nurturers, powerful healers and protectors, transcendent knowledge figures, cosmic moms of liberation, and dancing woman Buddhas. regardless of their value in Buddhist idea and perform, those girl deities have got quite little scholarly awareness, and no accomplished research of the feminine pantheon has been on hand. Buddhist Goddesses of India is the fundamental and definitive consultant to divinities that, as Miranda Shaw writes, "operate from transcendent planes of bliss and expertise for so long as their presence could benefit dwelling beings."

Beautifully illustrated, the booklet chronicles the histories, legends, and creative portrayals of 19 goddesses and a number of other similar human figures and texts. Drawing on a sweeping variety of fabric, from devotional poetry and meditation manuals to rituals and creative photos, Shaw finds the nature, powers, and perform traditions of the feminine divinities. Interpretations of fascinating qualities akin to physique colour, stance, coiffure, garments, jewellery, hand gestures, and hand held gadgets lend deep perception into the symbolism and roles of every goddess.

In addition to being a finished reference, this e-book strains the attention-grabbing heritage of those goddesses as they developed in the course of the early, Mahayana, and Tantric routine in India and located a spot within the pantheons of Tibet and Nepal.

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1 9 Interestingly, in the Buddhacarita account Siddhartha does not call the earth to witness. 20 P�thivi thunders to herald his approach to the seat but does not make an appearance or verbally attest to the Bodhi­ sattva's virtues. Rather, she implicitly supports his right to attain enlightenment by allowing him to occupy the powerful spot at the center of creation, the center of her power. These accounts add another dimension to the contest between Mara and Shakyarnuni. 22 Similarly, the Mahiivastu finds Mara lamenting that he will lose his earthly dominion if he cannot remove Siddhartha from the throne beneath the bodhi tree.

Stories of the Buddha's former lives include a number of life­ times in which Mayadevi was the mother of the Bodhisattva, extending their karmic connection as mother and child over many centuries. 2 Biographies of Shakyamuni often relate his conception and delivery and Mayadevi' s pregnancy in great detail. The accounts share a common narrative thread to which various interpretations and levels of poetic embellishment have been added. 3 In his final lifetime, the uniqueness ofthe Buddha-to-be, or Bodhisattva, was apparent from the moment of his conception.

Nineteenth century. Bronze, lacquer, gold leaf, inset with colored glass. Private collection. Photo after Alfred Salmony, Die Pklstik in Siam (Hellerau: Avalun-Verlag, 1 926), pl. 68. In Southeast Aria, Prthivi is shown wringing water from her tresses. 66 In Southeast Asia, the earth goddess, known as Wathundaye or Visundhari ( Vasundhara) , gained importance over the centuries, becoming the focus of the ritual consecration of religious donations and a favored subject of artistic repre­ sentations, in which she is shown wringing from her tresses the water gathered from the Buddha's merits (Fig.

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