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The Diamond Sutra, composed in India within the fourth century CE, is without doubt one of the such a lot valuable works of Buddhist literature and is the oldest present published booklet on this planet. it truly is often called the Diamond Sutra simply because its teachings are acknowledged to be like diamonds that minimize away all dualistic notion, freeing one from the attachment to things and bringing one to the extra shore of enlightenment.

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Some time past eu students have tended to regard either Madhyamaka and Yog? c? ra as separate and essentially antagonistic developments in Mah? y? na Buddhist proposal. Drawing seriously on early textual facts this paintings questions the validity of the sort of "Mah? y? na faculties" speculation. by means of down-playing the past due commentorial traditions, the writer makes an attempt a basic reappraisal of the epistemological and ontological writings of Nagarjuna, Asanga and Vasubandhu.

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It will be observed that "Srideva" forms a part of all these names. It seems that the title " Vikramadity" occuring in the ms. got c urrency in Kashmir since the reign of Pratapa­ d itya, who was a nephew of Vikramaditya . Prof. a's Siihi dynasty. The Siihi princes, according to the testimony of Al-biruni, were Turks of Tibeta n origin and were zealous followers of Buddhism. '" See Bhai$ajyagurusutra , p . 3 2 Dynavtic His. of N. India, vol . I, cb. ii. See above, p. 27. , 1 895 , p. 3 8 1 . 4 .

It offered shelter to king Partha and his queens (V. 428), and was destroyed later on by K�emagupta. See infra p. 31. 2. 3. Stein, I, p. 103 D. It is located by Stein at Khandabavan , in Srinagar (Stei n , I, p. ) Biiliiditya was succeeded by his son-in-law, Durlabhavar­ dhana, whose queen set up the Anangabhavana-vihiira (IV. 1 The King himself as also his successo rs were mostly Visnu-Wor­ shippers. The noted king of this line was Lalitiidi tya-Muktii<; pi<;la who successfully fought against Yasovarman.

1 24-5). Sura only at the time of his death SAMKARAVARMAN A N D PARTHA Avantivarman's son Sankaravarman was a Siva worshipper. He was misery and exacted too many taxes from the people. He was uncharitable to learned men and u sed to speak Apabhramsa and not Sanskrit . H is queen Suga ndhii':::,. who ruled for two years waS a deyotee of V i �t;lu but h&d (0 spend her last days i n a Buddhist monastery called N i spaJa lGa­ vihiira (V. 262). was dethroned though ministerial intrigues and took sht;]ter in the Joyendra-vihiira (sec p.

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