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The next manifestation, the Buddha-who-is-to-come, will be Maitreya, according to the Buddhist texts. This idea of a fictitious, conjured-up or 'phantom' body which the eternal Dharma uses, so to speak, is likely to be regarded by Christians simply as an example of the Docetist heresy in a Buddhist context. But in fact, within the setting of Buddhism, this emphasis on the reality of the historical body has a quite different significance. It serves to emphasize that the one reality is the Dharma..

The first two terms in the eightfold way are right understanding and right thinking. To the one who is only at the beginning of the Way, however, right understanding (that is, of the true nature ofthings) is not yet possible. It belongs strictly to the last stage of Buddhist progress, namely, the attainment of transcendental wisdom. Only then can there be perfect perception of the truth, in the sense in which the Buddha perceived it. At the beginning, therefore, the understanding of existence which 33 Buddha, Marx, and God the novice has, while it is a Buddhist understanding, is one which he owes to the perfect insight of the Buddha, who first revealed the (true) nature of things.

Others again are refugees from that kind of tyranny whose priests are the advertising men. An attractive element' in Buddhism for men of the materialistic West is what one might call its realism about sensual experience. An important part of the Buddhist practice of meditation is the relentless analysis of whatever has an appeal to the senses, and this harshly realistic attitude strikes one at first as providing a sharp and perhaps welcome contrast to the flattery and seduction of the senses which is so prominent a feature of modern materialism.

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