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She moaned. “Yes. Yes. ” He slapped her again, much harder than before.

She leaned closer to him, peered into his eyes, her expression very intent. There was still no obvious emotion he could read, but she was studying him as closely as anyone ever had. ” “Yes. We can go there now, be there in a matter of moments, if you accept my offer. I’ll show you pleasures beyond anything you ever dreamed possible. You’ll have power. ” A hint of a smile. ” David managed a nervous laugh. ” Obviously she’d never seen The Godfather. “Wait. ” She ignored the question and leaned closer still, until their faces were separated by just inches.

It was insane. He was in a place of horror, a place that felt like a chamber of hell, a repository of damned souls. Her “secret place,” as she’d called it, was a nightmare land inhabited by people like himself, other flies she’d drawn effortlessly into her web, and here he would spend what remained of his life, probably being tortured without mercy until he was just another pitiful moaning husk lurking in the darkness. And yet, in this moment, the terror he felt at the prospect of this bleak future was not enough to suppress his desire for this creature.

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