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By Luce Irigaray, Stephen Pluhácek

ISBN-10: 0231507925

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With this e-book we see a thinker good steeped within the Western culture pondering via historic japanese disciplines, meditating on what it capability to profit to respire, and urging us all on the sunrise of a brand new century to rediscover indigenous Asian cultures. Yogic culture, in line with Irigaray, offers a useful ability for restoring the important hyperlink among the current and eternity — and for re-envisioning the patriarchal traditions of the West.

Western, logocentric rationality has a tendency to summary the lessons of yoga from its daily perform — most significantly, from the cultivation of breath. missing real, own adventure with yoga or different jap non secular practices, the Western philosophers who've attempted to deal with Hindu and Buddhist teachings — really Schopenhauer — have usually long past off beam. no longer so, Luce Irigaray. Incorporating her own event with yoga into her provocative philosophical considering on sexual distinction, Irigaray proposes a brand new means of figuring out individuation and group within the modern international. She seems towards the indigenous, pre-Aryan cultures of India — which, she argues, have maintained an basically artistic ethic of sexual distinction predicated on a appreciate for all times, nature, and the feminine.

Irigaray's specialize in breath during this publication is a typical outgrowth of the eye that she has given in prior books to the weather — air, water, and hearth. via returning to primary human studies — respiring and the very fact of sexual distinction — she unearths a manner out of the never-ending sociologizing abstractions of a lot modern proposal to reconsider

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One cannot deny, however, that the construction and maintenance of boundaries have long been used by all cultures as a means of asserting difference and establishing and maintaining social, economic, and political barriers. What falls within the boundaries is superior, privileged, and dominant; what falls without is inferior, deprived, and subordinate. Implicit in boundary construction is the power of definitionthe power to define the ideal identity in terms of the values, beliefs, and attitudes held; the power to define others in relation to that ideal; and the power to include or exclude potential members accordingly.

Not all ethnic individuals, however, experience the dominant culture as the most damaging source of oppression. Some suffer more from oppression within their own families and communities, which insist on conformity to group values to assure group cohesion, strength, and continuity. Like all oppressive groups, families and communities maintain the status quo through a process of social reward and punishment. Those individuals who most closely meet established familial and community mores and goals are praised and rewarded while those who do not are punished, usually Page 22 through exclusion and ostracism.

In discussing the current demand to dissolve the subject, says that the Western male subject has long been constituted historically for himself and in himself. And, while we readily accept, acknowledge, and partake of the critique of this subject as transcendent, to deny us the process of exploring and reclaiming our subjectivity before we critique it is the critical version of the grandfather clause, the double privileging of categories that happen to be preconstituted. Such a position leaves us nowhere, invisible and voiceless in the republic of Western letters.

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