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The eccentric Bankei has lengthy been an underground hero on the earth of Zen. At a time while Zen used to be changing into overly formalized in Japan, he under pressure its relevance to lifestyle, insisting at the value of naturalness and spontaneity.

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Paramärtha, p 293. Bu-ston II, p 145. Hsüan-tsang, Records I, p 196, p 172. Bu-ston II, p 145. Täranätha, p 125 Hsüan-tsang, Records I, p 108 Kosa III, ad 19. A METHOD FOR ARGUMENTATION (VÄDAVIDHI) INTRODUCTION A Method for Argumentation (Väda-vidhi) is the only work on logic by Vasubandhu which has to any extent survived. 1 This is all the more interesting because the Väda-vidhi marks the dawn of Indian formal logic. The title, "Method for Argumentation", indicates that Vasubandhu's concern with logic was primarily motivated by the wish to mould formally flawless arguments, and is thus a result of his interest in philosophic debate.

42. c. C. See the story of Sadäprarudita and Dharmodgata in the Astasähasrikä-prajnä-päramitä, chapter XXX (Rajendralal Mitra ed. p 438, Vaidya ed. p 241). 43- Paramärtha, p 287. 44. Ibid. 45. See Jaini's collection of anti-Vasubandhu Passages in the Abhidharmadipat given in his article "On the Theory of the Two Vasubandhus", BSOAS 46, 1958, pp 48-53. Vasubandhu, His Life and Times 27 46. from Sanghabnadra's Abhidharma-nyäyänusära, as translated by La Vallee Poussin, Melanges Chinois Bouddhiques 2, pp 25-180.

A Method For Argumentation 47 immediately-upon-an-effort. For there are three possibilities here : Some things are eternal, like space, etc. And some things are non-eternal, such as flashes of lightning, etc. And some other things do not exist, like a sky-flower, etc. Thus this reply is reversed. 24. When one argues from an object's invariable association with non-eternality to eternality, then we have a spurious reply based on eternality. " To this it may be replied as follows : This is a contradiction.

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