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This booklet is foolish dont purchase it. i purchased it for support with acronyms and the occasional stray time period and it has but to assist me i'm a qualified mechanic of twenty-two years. you can find the booklet is actually full of noticeable phrases that want no defining, beside the point and nonsense entries.

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Found on some suspension systems to provide cushioning. See air suspension. air bleed: See compensating jet idle air bleed screw air bleed screw: See idle air bleed screw. airbox: The container which holds the air filter. air brake: A system of braking which is usually found on large truck in which compressed air pushes against a brake piston or diaphragm in order to apply the brakes to stop or slow the vehicle. airbrush: [1] A paint spray gun used for precise detailing work and custom painting.

It is placed inside the tire casing and looks much like a nail hole repair patch. balance pipe: A tube which joins two or more carburetors to even out the flow difference. balancer: See harmonic balancer wheel balancer balance shaft: An engine will normally vibrate because of the up-and-down motion of the pistons which turn a crankshaft in one direction. A balance shaft rotates (often in the opposite direction) so that its vibration cancels some of the vibration of the engine. Sometimes an engine will have two balance shafts turning in opposite directions located on either side of the crankshaft.

Afterglow: the period during which the glow plugs of a diesel engine continue to operate after the engine is started aftermarket: All products and services used in the repair and maintenance of vehicles after the vehicle has been sold. aftermarket equipment: Accessories and replacement parts added to a vehicle after it has been sold. aftermarket overdrive: An overdrive device which is not original equipment, but has been added after it has been sold. , products and services used in the repair and maintenance of these vehicles.

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