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By Don McColl

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This booklet presents a show off for the particularly well-preserved flight-textured tektites of southern Australia, that are the world’s most interesting recognized examples. It presents an outline in their kinds and flight gains, which might be anticipated to seem, a minimum of partly, on any items falling from area. a few of these specimens are so completely formed that it truly is not easy to think that they have got been buried within the fresh strata of Australia for 770,000 years. It additionally discusses the historical past of the tale in their fantastic flight into house and go back turning into extensively authorized, which resulted in them being famous as house tourists. additional, it describes their classical shapes and provides a proof of the way every one constructed. It offers creditors, meteoriticists, and museum curators with insights into the unbelievable kinds of Australian tektites produced by way of hypersonic flight.

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The following illustration shows a small collection of such pieces which have been detached by flaking from the heated and stressed glass at the front (anterior) surface of larger core-form tektites. Since they are not especially attractive they often tend to be neglected by collectors. Flight Shaping of Australian Tektites 25 )ODNHGIUDJPHQWVRIDEODWHGDQGIXVHGJODVVIURPODUJHUFRUHIRUPWHNWLWHV VKRZLQJUHPQDQWVRIIODQJHVDQGTXLWHZHOO SUHVHUYHGPHOWLQJULQJZDYHV 6FDOHLVLQPLOOLPHWUHV Extremely Large Cores The largest of all the Australian t­ektites are the core forms.

Oddly, only the very tiny tektites were found there, and the larger tektite forms were not present. An assortment of these, of mini- to microtektite dimensions is shown in the following photograph, and we find that the larger of these minute forms are very comparable with the minitektites described in the previous chapter. XFKHO SDUWO\ZLWKWUDQVPLWWHGOLJKW The size, morphology and c­ hemistry of these specimens found at Lake Kuchel indicates that they are a genuine m ­ ixture of minitektites and microtektites, and compositionally they match the larger specimens found in other parts of Australia.

The rather bulbous, swollen appearance of the posterior surface is very typical of a tektite with an unbroken internal bubble of significant size. This specimen also shows peripheral markings which indicate where the former flange has been broken away, although the ringwaves on the anterior surface are still sharp and well preserved. It is quite evident that hollow tektites with their low specific gravity, are not ablated as much as the solid spheres of glass, which is what we would expect comparing them with the performance of space vehicles ­during their return to earth.

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