Ashfaq A Marghoob, Josep Malvehy, Ralph P Braun's Atlas of dermoscopy PDF

By Ashfaq A Marghoob, Josep Malvehy, Ralph P Braun

ISBN-10: 1842142259

ISBN-13: 9781842142257

content material: historical past of epidermis floor Microscopy and Dermatoscopy, W. Stolz, O. Braun-Falco, U. Semmelmayer, and A. W. Kopf rules of Dermoscopy, M. Binder Dermoscopy and past: The tools. The Evolution from the Dermoscope to laptop research of Dermoscopic pictures, F.A. Sanchez Negron, A.W. Kopf, and A.A. Marghoob Histopathological Correlation in Dermoscopy, G. Kaya and R.P. Braun Differential analysis of Pigmented Lesions of the outside, R.P. Braun and J.-H. Saurat Pigmented Basal cellphone Carcinoma, D. Polsky Dermoscopic styles of sunlight Lentigenes and Seborrheic Keratoses, S.Q. Wang, H. Rabinovitz, and M.C. Oliviero Vascular Lesions, Hemangiomas/angiokeratomas, B. Katz, B. Rao, and A.A. Marghoob Dermatofibroma, B. Katz, B. Rao and A.A. MARGHOOB Pigmented Actinic Keratosis, B.Katz and B. Rao ABCD Rule, U. Semmelmayer, W.H.C. Burgdorf, and W. Stolz The Menzies technique, S.W. Menzies The Seven-Point list, G. Argenziano development research, M. Dawid, H. Pehamberger, R.P. Braun, and H. Rabinovitz ABC-Point-List of Dermoscopy, A. Blum, H. Luedtke, U. Ellwanger, G. Rassner, and G. Garbe The ABCD-E Scoring procedure and the Three-Point record, A.A. Marghoob and J.M. Fu Dermoscopic positive factors of Congenital Melanocytic Nevi, A.A. Marghoob, J.M. Fu, and D. Sachs Dysplastic Nevus (atypical mole), J.M.Tripp and A.W. Kopf Benign styles of Clinically peculiar Nevi: A speculation, J.M. Tripp, S.Q. Wang, D. Polsky, and A.W. Kopf Dermscopic gains of universal Melanocytic Nevi of the Junctional, Compound, and Dermal sort, J. Bauer and A. Blum Blue Nevus/Combined Nevus, B. Katz, B. Rao , and A.A. Marghoob Spitz and Reed Nevi, A. Blum, G. Metzler, R.P. Braun, A.A. Marghoob, and J. Bauer Recurrent (persistent) Nevi, A.A. Marghoob and A. Korzenko Superficial Spreading cancer, S.W. Menzies Acrolentigious cancer, T. Saida, A. Miyazaki , and C.M. Grin Nodular cancer, S.W. Menzies Lentigo Maligna cancer, U. Semmelmayer, W.H.C. Burgdorf, and W. Stolz prognosis of Amelanotic Melamoma by way of Dermoscopy AND VASCULAR elements, J.F. Kreusch and A.A. Marghoob Breslow intensity Prediction by means of Dermoscopy, J. Malvehy and S. Puig Pigmented Lesions of the fingers and Soles, C.M. Grin and T. Saida Dermoscopy at the Face, R. Schiffner Dermoscopic exam of Melanonychia Striata, L. Thomas and S. Ronger-Savle different makes use of of Dermoscopy, F. Vazquez-Lopez and J.F. Kreusch Nailfold Capillaries, J.F. Kreusch Diagnostic Accuracy of Dermoscopy/Dermatoscopy, H. Kittler Computer-assisted prognosis of Pigmented pores and skin Lesions, W. Stolz, W.H.C. Burgdorf, and U. Semmelmayer automatic prognosis: Illustrated through the Melafind(R) approach, M. Elbaum Teledermoscopy, D. Piccolo, A. Ferrari, ok. Peris, and S. Chimenti Follow-up of Melanocytic dermis Lesions with electronic Dermoscopy, H. Kittler web content and CD-ROMS on Dermoscopy, M.L. Nestor

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Sometimes milia­like cysts are pigmented, and thus can resemble globules (see Chapter 6b).  Histopathologically, comedo­like structures correspond to the concave, often hyperkeratinized clefts, of the epidermis (see Chapter 6b).  Multiple fissures might give a ‘brain­like appearance’ to the lesion1,12,31,33. This pattern has also been named ‘gyri and sulci’ or ‘cerebriform’ by some authors5 (see Chapter 6b). 15) and producing a pattern that resembles fingerprints5,12,34,35 (see Chapter 6b). 15)3,5,12,31,34,35 (see Chapter 10b).

A prospective study comparing diagnosis with the naked eye, dermatoscopy and telespectrophotometry.  Differentiation between pigmented Spitz naevus and melanoma by digital dermoscopy and stepwise logistic discriminant analysis.  Digitally removes hairs, debris, bubbles, etc. g, entropy of wavelets maxima) • For a thorough discussion of sensitivity/specificity used in Melafind clinical studies, see Chapter 14 Page 22 This page intentionally left blank.  Dermoscopy should not be regarded as simply a magical tool for facilitating the diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions, but it should also be considered as a useful tool for evaluating in vivo gross pathology.

17) present?  If, on the other hand, these structures are not seen, then proceed to step 5. Step 5 Question: Are there red or red­blue to black lagoon­like structures present? 18) or angiokeratoma (see Chapter 6c), and thus of non­melanocytic origin. If the criteria for steps 1–5 have not been satisfied, one needs to proceed to step 6, the final step.  This security measure is necessary because some melanomas lack any discernible features of melanocytic or non­melanocytic lesions.  To accomplish this, many different approaches have been published, but those described in Chapters 7a–f are the most popular and the most commonly used.

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