Astronomy - Planets, Stars and the Cosmos by Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest PDF

By Heather Couper;Nigel Henbest

ISBN-10: 0531046516

ISBN-13: 9780531046517

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Create South celestial pole 26 _ _'. - . Stellar 0i photographs 9 jfcEi Surface photographs. +m Mapping the Moon such precision, the lunar Thousands of overlapping sky and Moon photographs features could were exactly, so that highly individually cross- referenced. Because the stars' positions are known to accurate be lined Moon maps up could be made. 27 Mapping This star chart-shows stars and the Stars the major all constellations visible in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. It is made by "unwrapping" the celestial •sphere.

These were named after objects or creatures which they resembled. As the Earth revolves around the Sun, different constellations appear, disappear and reappear at different times of the year. Early civilizations used the apparent motions of the Sun, Moon and stars around the Earth's sky to provide both a daily clock and a yearly calendar. Early sailors and explorers used the stars for navigation: different stars appeared in the sky if they traveled as far north or far south of their starting point.

A measure of distance used by astronomers. 88 An apparent force that pulls outward on any body moving in a curved path. It is the tendency of the body to move in a straight line and resist being made to follow a curve. billion miles). Nebula A vast cloud of dust and gas in which stars are bom. See also Planetary nebula. Planetary nebula star Centrifugal force thousand neanng planet the A shell of gas gently ejected from an old end of its life. looks a bit like the disk of a It when seen through a telescope.

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