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By Rosemary Hug

Millikens new Assessing Language sequence for Grades 4-8 provides lecturers a wealthy number of reproducible standards-based checks. each one e-book includes fifty six grade-appropriate worksheets compatible for tracking ability retention in addition to perform and reinforcement.

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Comes to class on © Milliken Publishing Company Past Participle (have/has/had) begun become fallen seen led known caught written Page 25 — Verb Tenses Answers I: rain, rained, rained; dance, danced, danced; begin, began, 61 MP3514 Assessing Language: Grade 7 begun; shut, shut, shut; return, returned, returned; drink, drank, drunk; live, lived lived; call, called, called; see, saw, seen; enjoy, enjoyed, enjoyed; arise, arose, arisen; break, broke, broken; climb, climbed, climbed; visit, visited, visited; think, thought, thought; say, said, said; ride, rode, ridden; write, wrote, written; try, tried, tried; free, freed, freed.

The conjunction . . • and joins or adds related ideas. • or indicates a choice or an alternative. • but indicates a contrast or contradiction. I. Compound these structures using the conjunctions mentioned above. A) Jerry and C) black or B) read and D) outside but In A above, noun phrases were compounded. In B, verbs were compounded. In C, adjectives were compounded, and in D, adverbs of place were compounded. II. Circle the compound structures in the following sentences and tell what types were compounded.

_____________________ 2. Finding her key, Alissa quickly opened the door. 3. Sleeping in the hammock, Willie lazed away the afternoon. 4. Jim put the repaired phone back in its cradle. ___________ _____________________ 5. S. flag high, our family proudly celebrated Independence Day. _____________________ 6. A disturbing rumor spread quickly through our office. _____________________ 7. The satisfied customers left the mall with numerous packages under their arms. _____________________ 8. The dreaded fruit fly infested the farmerʼs crop.

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