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Writer word: Consulting Editors (Lawrence M. Ross, Edward D. Lamperti), and Markus Voll (Illustrator), Karl Wesker (Illustrator)

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This atlas includes more advantageous illustrations of the musculoskeletal method of the trunk, higher, and reduce extremities, in addition to a concise yet very informative evaluation of basic anatomical techniques. -- American organization of Anatomists

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He has compassion for patients and respect for the knowledge of experts in different fields. And, like all true innovators, he has a vision for what can be. ” I N N O VAT I O N I N M E D I CI N E 30 adapt (uh-DAPT) to become used to something amputating (AM-pyoo-tay-teeng) surgically removing a limb from the body amputee (am-pyoo-TEE) someone who has had a limb surgically removed catgut (KAT-gut) a tough material made from the intestines of certain animals cosmesis (koz-MEE-sis) the art of restoring beauty, or a natural look, to a person innovations (in-uh-VAY-shuhnz) successful new ideas, methods of doing things, or inventions prostheses (pross-THEE-seez) artificial body parts prosthetics (pross-THET-iks) the branch of medicine or dentistry that deals with making and fitting artificial body parts severed (SEH-vurd) completely cut off therapists (THER-uh-pists) those who help sick, wounded, or disabled people to overcome their defects titanium (tie-TAY-nee-uhm) a strong, lightweight metal Ar ti f i ci al L i mb s 31 BOOKS Jango-Cohen, Judith.

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