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Aquinas offers an in-depth research of easy philosophical strategies within the considered Aquinas. those options contain: being, essence, life, shape, subject, fact, goodness, freedom and necessity, wisdom, prepared and selecting, and correct motion. those principles are approached from an analytical perspective however the research isn't really tremendously technical, which permits newcomers to stick with the dialogue.

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Being in the sense of essence is properly signified by predication by species, as when it is said that Socrates is human. e. 4 By this he does not mean that the composite is logically prior to essence but that it is prior to essence in the order of knowledge. It is a cardinal tenet of Aquinas’s epistemology that what we first know are conglomerate wholes, the elements of which we later discern by analysis. In this, he again follows Aristotle. These wholes are composites of essence and existence both and they are identified with primary substances.

Since I build because I choose and not vice versa, the choice is the first and the action the second efficient cause of the end, in this case, the skiff. And the two are tied by a final cause, in this case, my chosen model or pattern. In this mutual causal activity the end or final cause is necessary for both the being and connection of the two efficient causes. It is nonsense to say that I choose a model to build unless that model is by that choice made the end of my building. And since all action is for the end, if no model is end then no building begins.

Thomas follows Aristotle in holding that ‘being’ is said in many senses. Even though he is no essentialist, Aquinas insists that in one sense ‘being’ means essence. Essence primarily signifies being in the sense of what something is. What something is is called by different names depending on the point of view from which it is considered. What something is is called essence (essentia) from the standpoint of its relation to existence (esse) by which it is actualized. e. potential to existence. What something is is also called quiddity by Aquinas when it is viewed as the basis of a thing’s definition.

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