Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality - download pdf or read online

By J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

ISBN-10: 1898827990

ISBN-13: 9781898827993

Account of the lifestyles and innovations of John R. R. Searl, who has built antigravity and loose power units. Illustrated with images & diagrams.

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Where G is universal gravitational constant, d2 is distance from planetary body mass M. Primary Magnetism - A large scale movement of ether. g. gravity, magnetism, electrostatic fields, matter, and radiant energy. F. - Electro motive force, potential difference produced by separation of charge. Inertia - Reluctance of matter to change its state of motion. Levity - In opposition to gravity. Microcellular - Made up of very small cells. Page 32 Chapter 3 Macrocellular - Made up of quite large cells.

It's just half of the load that you're suffering now. Page 31 Chapter 3 This section is based on an article in the SNSRC newsletter, dated June 1, 1968. WHAT MAKES THE INVERSE-G-VEHICLE FLY? Glossary of Terms: Space or "Space Fabric"In this context means the three dimensional medium which supports matter, force fields and radiant energy. It does not mean specifically interplanetary space, but includes it. Ether or "Aether"Another name for space, but implies a different concept in that space is regarded as the absence of matter, and ether is regarded as the existence of a space medium having specific properties, re: O.

The direction of ether flow is, however, in at the positive and out at the negative. This is deduced from the Schappeller theory. The generator and craft therefore produce their own gravitation type field. Page 39 Chapter 3 The net effect of the craft field plus the earth's gravitation field gives rise to a condition where the ether density below the craft is higher than that above it. The craft therefore is strongly repelled from the planet. And to stop it from shooting off into space the field of the craft must be intentionally perturbed.

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