Rowen D. Frandson, W. Lee Wilke, Anna Dee Fails's Anatomy and physiology of farm animals PDF

By Rowen D. Frandson, W. Lee Wilke, Anna Dee Fails

ISBN-10: 0813813948

ISBN-13: 9780813813943

Presents veterinary, animal technological know-how, agriculture, and veterinary technician scholars with a accomplished but transparent connection with realizing the basics of anatomy and body structure of farm animals.

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Writer notice: Consulting Editors (Lawrence M. Ross, Edward D. Lamperti), and Markus Voll (Illustrator), Karl Wesker (Illustrator)

The Thieme Atlas of Anatomy integrates anatomy and scientific techniques prepared intuitively, with self-contained publications to precise issues on each two-page unfold enormous quantities of scientific functions built-in into the anatomical descriptions, emphasizing the very important hyperlink among anatomical constitution and serve as. surroundings a brand new normal for the learn of anatomy, the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy is greater than a set of anatomical illustrations, it really is an critical source for someone who works with the human body.

This atlas comprises enhanced illustrations of the musculoskeletal approach of the trunk, top, and reduce extremities, in addition to a concise yet very informative evaluation of basic anatomical recommendations. -- American organization of Anatomists

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For example, the Na–K pump transports only Na+ and K+. Other electrolytes are not transported by this system. Membrane Potentials and Excitable Cells Resting Membrane Potential There is a relatively small difference in the amounts of charged ions locally on the opposite sides of the outer cell membrane of all animal cells. , resting conditions), the outside of the cell membrane has a small excess of positive ions (cations), and the inside of the cell membrane has a small excess of negative ions (anions).

The names of these connecting layers of serous membranes are based on the specific areas they connect, and they are discussed in some detail along with the relevant systems later in this book. C ha pt e r 2 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF THE CELL Properties of Life Chemical Composition of the Cell Water Proteins Lipids Carbohydrates Inorganic Substances Acids, Bases and pH Microscopic Study of the Cell Light Microscopy Electron Microscopy The Cell Membrane Structure of the Membrane Intercellular Contact and Adhesion Transport Across Cell Membranes Simple and Facilitated Diffusion Osmosis Active Transport Membrane Potentials and Excitable Cells Resting Membrane Potential Excitable Cells and Action Potentials Membrane Receptors and Intracellular Signaling Cytoplasm and Cytoplasmic Organelles Cytoplasm The Golgi Apparatus The Endoplasmic Reticulum and Ribosomes Mitochondria Lysosomes Other Structures Nucleus Structure of the Nucleus DNA and DNA Replication RNA: Transcription and Translation Biotechnology Cell Division Mitosis Meiosis Regulation of Cell Growth and Replication 17 18 / ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY OF FARM ANIMALS D iscovery of living cells would have been difficult, if not impossible, before Zacharias Jansen of the Netherlands invented the compound microscope in 1590.

Membrane-bound secretory vesicles containing substances synthesized within the cell and packaged by the Golgi apparatus migrate in the cytoplasm to the plasma membrane. Here the membrane of a secretory vesicle fuses to the exterior cell membrane, an opening appears at the point of fusion, and the contents of the vesicle are released into the ECF. Irritability (also called excitability) is the property of being able to react to a stimulus. The reaction must necessarily consist of one of the other properties of protoplasm, such as conduction, contraction, or secretion.

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