An Illustrated History of Britain by David McDowall PDF

By David McDowall

This is an illustrated historical past of england from prehistoric instances to the current day. The ebook analyzes the main political and armed forces occasions in British background, and the place applicable, seems to be at those inside a much broader, foreign context. It additionally describes way of life for women and men from various degrees of society in numerous a long time: the type of paintings they did, kinfolk existence, and so on. Emphasis can also be put on cultural, highbrow, clinical and fiscal advancements. significant advancements inside of Scotland, eire and Wales and the kinfolk among those international locations and England also are discussed.Иллюстрированная история Великобритании с доисторических времен до настоящего момента. Книга анализирует главные политические и военные события в британской истории, смотрит на них в пределах более широкого, международного контекста. Описывает повседневную жизнь мужчин и женщин в различных уровнях общества и различных поколениях: вид работы, которую они сделали, семейная жизнь, и т.д. Акцент, также помещен на культурное, интеллектуальное, научное и экономическое развитие. Также даны важнейшие события в пределах Шотландии, Ирландии и Уэльса и отношения между этими странами и Англией.--

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In othe r cases ent ry co uld be obta ined by 6 Go vernment and society paying a fee to cove r th e cost of th e train ing , or apprenticesh ip, necessary to maintain the high standard of the trade. During the fourtee nt h century, as larger towns continued to grow. "c raft" guilds came into being. All members of each of these guilds belo nged to the same trade or craft. The ea rliest craft guilds were those of the weave rs in London and Oxford. Each guild tried to protect its own trade interests.

It is st ill the re today. T he king kept all his records in We stm inster, including the Domesday Book. The king's administrat ion kept a careful watch on noble families. It made sllte the king claimed mon ey every ti me a young noble too k o ver the lan ds of his fathe r, or whe n a noble's daughter married. In every possible way th e kin g always "had his hand in his subject's pocket". The ad ministrat ion also checked the towns and the potts to make sure that taxes were paid , and kept a reco rd of the fines made by th e king's court.

Altho ugh it may seem strange for educat ion to be based on a dead lan guage , Latin was important because it was the educa ted language of almost all Europe , and was therefore useful in the spread of ideas and learning. In spite of th e dangers, th e Church took a lead in th e new int ellectu al movement. 41 42 The late Middle Ages 7 The century of war, plague and disorder War with Scotland and France ' T he age of chivalry ' The century of plagues' The poor in revolt· Heresy and orthodoxy Th e fourteen th ce n tury was disastro us for Britain as well as most of Europe , beca use of the effect of wars and plagues.

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