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A, Amazones, Fassl Novembre-Decembre; Amazia [sic] disconsistens Dogn. type cf ; Would you call this Amaxia consistens Schs? Ne semble pas typique; This Amaxia is not typical consistens Schs, the difference being chiefly in the arrangement of the subapical spots; Schs. 22; Arctiidae genitalia slide no. AW79; Lectotype cf Amaxia disconsistens Dognin By A. " 29 NUMBER 50 Josiodes distinct a H. Edwards [synonym] PLATES 766; 250d [This is a junior synonym of Virbia zonata (Felder), [1874], pi. 104: fig.

Lectotype cf : "June; Tuis CR; Collection Wm. Schaus; Type No. ; Bertholdia fumida Schs. type; Arctiidae genitalia slide No. AW238; Lectotype cf Bertholdia fumida Schaus By A. " Melese punctata frater Schaus Halisidota cinctipes fumosa Schaus [synonym] PLATES 44* ; 152c, d PLATES 63*; 195a, b Melese sixola frater Schaus, 1910 b, p. 403. ] [This a junior synonym of H. tessellaris (J. E. Smith), 1797, p. 149, teste Travassos, 1963, p. 5 mm. Front of head light orange; vertex orange-grey anteriorly, light orange posteriorly.

W. " Cyanarctia flavinigra Dognin PLATES 7 7 C ; 251d Bertholdia flavilucens Schaus Cyanarctia flavinigra Dognin, 1910, p. 10. 0 mm. Head, thorax, abdomen, and dark areas of wings dark greyish brown, with violet iridescence. Forewing bars light yellow. Described from a single female from Jiminez, West Colombia. Holotype ? : "Dognin Collection; Type No. ; Jiminez, W. , May. 07; Arctiidae genitalia slide no. AW419; Holotype $ Cyanarctia flavinigra Dognin A. W. " Bertholdia flavilucens Schaus, 1920, p.

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An Illustrated Catalog of the Neotropic Arctiinae Types in the United States National Museum (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) PART I by Allan Watson

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