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By Carole A. Barrett, Harvey J. Markowitz (eds.)

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The Spaniards introduced wheat to the Indians of the Southwest, and it became a major crop for the Indians of that area. The Indians of the Mississippi Valley also began growing wheat, as did the Plains Indians. The Spaniards also introduced the plow, and although some Indians (notably the Cherokee) were initially reluctant to use plows, many other tribes readily adopted plow agriculture. In some areas Indians actually traded plow services from the colonists for skins and agricultural products.

The arrival of the European colonists profoundly altered Indian agriculture in two principal ways: The Europeans, by trading manufactured items with the Indians for agricultural products, turned a portion of Indian agriculture into commercial agriculture. Additionally, the Europeans brought many new crops, some of which were eagerly adopted by the Indians. The story of how the first Europeans to arrive as colonists sur- Agriculture / 9 vived only because they acquired food from the Indians is familiar to every American schoolchild.

Basketry, sandalmaking, and weaving also became increasingly elaborate. Feathers and rabbit fur were woven into robes. Pottery making developed as both an occupation and a basis for trade. Pots were used for rituals, storing food and water, and cooking and serving food. The quantity and variety of rock art increased. Rock art was near or in villages, on mesa boulders, near hunting trails, or in other open locations. Subjects included birds, animals, hunting scenes, and figures playing the flute.

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