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By Thomas Sowell

ISBN-10: 087766210X

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Presents new insights into the heritage, sociology, and psychology of ethnic-minority existence.

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But from these, a very few words that are closely cognate to Classical Armenian have been found. For example, nisemoun, the dative of the demonstrative pronoun, meaning ‘to this’, is so close to Armenian smin, which means the same thing, that it is a firm indication that the languages may indeed be closely related. Phrygian soubros, ‘pure, holy’, has cognates in various Indo-European languages, including, most closely, Armenian surb. Herodotus reports a somewhat fanciful story about an Egyptian pharaoh who performed an experiment designed to discover the world’s oldest language, which, the king supposed, would be the one a baby would speak of its own accord if not instructed otherwise.

The blockade caused newsprint shortages and the 1992–4 energy crisis caused an electricity shortage, damaging both printing and broadcasting. After 1995 political pressures got worse, particularly in the run-up to each election. Nevertheless, the general standard of journalism did improve year by year, even though progress was slow. Things were a little better by the start of the new century than they had been in 1988, but there was still a long way to go towards full professionalism, editorial freedom and financial independence.

The Armenians call these stones višap – a Middle Iranian word for a poisonous aquatic monster – and tell stories about abductions of maidens by river-dragons. And their ancestors, carving the Holy Sign upon the stones, rechristened them as xa‹‘k‘ars, the ‘Cross-stones’ that dot the Armenian landscape, to which blood sacrifices are still offered. Steles inscribed with Urartean cuneiform were pressed into service as xa‹‘k‘ars, as well. In the Van area there are a number of blind portals carved into the living rock, which the Urarteans called Gates of God, believing that the god dwelt in the rock behind.

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