Ann Cook's American Accent Training: A Guide to Speaking and PDF

By Ann Cook

ISBN-10: 0764114298

ISBN-13: 9780764114298

Booklet by means of Ann prepare dinner

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Уровень: Beginner/Elementary (850 слов)

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Interestingly, one often hears FL professionals lamenting that researchers in SLA ignore educational concerns or, as is generally said, researchers ignore those 'in the trenches'. < previous page page_26 next page > < previous page page_27 next page > Page 27 3 What is Foreign Language Learning Research? Claire J. Kramsch Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA As foreign language (FL) teachers turn to applied linguistics to understand the way people learn foreign languages in instructional settings, they encounter two relevant research strands, second language acquisition (SLA) and foreign language learning (FLL) research, that have emerged in recent years.

The question of completeness, or non-fossilization, has been discussed recently by Schachter (1988). As she points out, it is rare that any second language speaker reaches a state of 'completeness'. 3 She further claims that, while it may be the case that there are learners who appear to be native-like in a second language, if one were to probe their < previous page page_36 next page > < previous page page_37 next page > Page 37 intuitions sufficiently, one would find differences between their linguistic knowledge and that of a 'typical' native speaker.

For instance, let us take an empirically testable question such as < previous page page_23 next page > < previous page page_24 next page > Page 24 the following: Is meaningful input itself sufficient to make alterations in a learner's linguistic system over time? If we attempted to investigate this with a rigorous longitudinal study in an L2 context, we would immediately be struck by the confounding variables outside the classroom. What about input sources outside the classroom? How could we control for interaction outside the classroom?

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