Advanced Zeolite Science and Applications by Michael Stöcker, H.G. Karge, J.C. Jansen, J. Weitkamp PDF

By Michael Stöcker, H.G. Karge, J.C. Jansen, J. Weitkamp

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ISBN-13: 9780080886954

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ISBN-13: 9780444820013

Zeolites and similar microporous fabrics are utilized in oil processing and within the superb and petrochemical industries on a wide scale. New purposes of zeolites give a contribution to environmentally pleasant strategies and sophisticated zeolites akin to catalytic zeolite membranes and zeolites containing exhaust-pipe reactors are being brought. contemporary range in zeolite study has been fueled through the rise in variety of microporous fabrics and the combo with interfacing technological know-how parts. the chance to deal with ions, huge molecules or nanostructures within the crystalline matrix has been explored and the functionality of digital, acoustic and photonic transformed reaction of the fabrics has been tested.This quantity presents up to date details on new zeolite and similar fabrics and composites, their functions, trying out of latest approaches and methods, and promising laboratory effects besides. an enormous quantity of labor from a basic point is included. specifically, the combo of technology and alertness deals beneficial details for readers drawn to molecular sieves.

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The aqueous chemistry of SiIV is dominated by the fact that it remains tetrahedrally coordinated over the whole range of pH. Condensation occurs upon acidification of an aqueous solution of silicates. Condensed phases are formed of corner sharing [Si04l4tetrahedra in order to minimize electrostaticrepulsions between cations [22]. As shown in the first part, only four protonated species [HnSi04](4-n)-have to be taken into account as precursors for condensation (Table 5). Table 5. 55 . The [H2Si04]2- precursor (h=6) is a strong base while [H~Si04]+(h=3) is a strong acid.

ALKOXIDE PRECURSORS The sol-gel synthesis of glasses and ceramics is mainly based on the hydrolysis and condensation of alkoxide precursors. These alkoxides are not soluble in water and a common solvent such as the parent alcohol has to be used. Water is typically diluted in an alcohol and added slowly to the alkoxide solution in order to prevent precipitation. The metal-organic route is much more versatile than the inorganic one. Many chemical parameters, other than pH can be used to control the reactions (solvent, hydrolysis ratio, alkoxy group, acid or base catalysis).

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Advanced Zeolite Science and Applications by Michael Stöcker, H.G. Karge, J.C. Jansen, J. Weitkamp

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