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By Jan Wohlgemuth

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The current paintings is the 1st in-depth cross-linguistic examine on mortgage verbs and the morphological, syntactic and sociolinguistic facets of mortgage verb lodging, investigating claims that verbs regularly are more challenging to borrow than different components of speech, or that verbs couldn't be borrowed as verbs and wanted a re-verbalization within the borrowing language.

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2 Lexical Information The lexical information accompanying the examples of verbal borrowing can, of course, vary from lexeme to lexeme, even within a given language pair. 28 Methodology For the purposes of this study, I collected data on the lexical status of the borrowed verb in the recipient language: is it an insertion into the lexicon (basically filling a lexical gap), an added synonym (or near-synonym) to a pre-existing (native) word, or does it act as an replacement of a native word that thereby becomes obsolete?

1 and sec. 2, the distinction between directly inserted and indirectly inserted loan verbs is a crucial difference that should not be obliterated. These are two of the reasons why Wichmann and I in our works (see sec. 4) built upon this approach made by Muysken, but analyzed the data and classified the strategies somewhat differently: We distinguish four main strategies where Muysken (2000) has two, and we arrange the – albeit similar – subtypes in an alternative way. I will briefly mention the corresponding types of above taxonomy at relevant points of this work, especially in the classification of accommodation techniques in part II.

4 along with other important studies in the field. In order to evaluate the relatedness of two languages sharing lexical items, one must distinguish between loanwords, which at some point were borrowed from one language into another, and cognates, which were inherited from a putative common ancestor. e. interpreting instances of borrowing as evidence for genealogical relatedness. 8 Introduction A systematic explanation of the assumed differences in borrowability and the factors governing them could give important clues for the evaluation of relatedness of languages as well as for past contact situations and the prehistory of speaker communities.

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