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By George Y. Shevelov

Systematic Presentation of the phonological improvement of universal Slavic from its formation as a dialect of Indo-European to its ultimate disintegration into into the separate Slavic language. for college students in Slavic and Indo-European linguistics.

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Historical background · 7 . Chronology and 1 . History of SI begins with the first change which is continued in the known SI languages and is not shared by the rest of the common IE language. This change does not mean that SI has arisen as an independent linguistic unit. It merely points to the beginning of a dialectal development within I E . Only in the long run does it bring about the complete separation of this Proto-SI dialect and its transformation into a full-fledged language .

Berlin , 1961. C. E. Bidwell . Slavic historical phonology in tabular form. H, 1963. B. Chronology of Common Slavic sound changes N. Troubetzk oy . "Essai sur l a chronologie de certains faits phonetiques du slave commun". RES, 2, 1922. P. Buzuk. "Sproba h ist oryi dah ist ar y c naj epoxi sl avja ns kaj fonetyki". Instytut belaruskaj kul'tury. Zapisk i addzelu humanitarnyx navuk, 2 (Minsk, 1928). K. Rocher. "Z relativne chronologie hlasko vych zmen slornnskych". Bratislava, 1934, 1-2. N. van Wijk.

Each sound is characterizations of each (Br, Pb, Sk, and M are n ot presented as separate linguistic units) under one cover, than any synthetic presentat ion of Sl as a whole. Miklosich's thoroughness and conscientiousness in compiling linguistic facts command the highest respect; and for decades following its publication, his work was the only reliable la rge - sc ale source for any studies of SI phonology. But pio­ neering works in a discipline seldom are more than that: they are inspired by col­ lector's passion, are atomistic, and soon show their deficiencies.

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