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By Mary Laughren

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Wonder who is shouting. ' In Warlpiri, the equivalent of these expressions is the word karija which you can hear in exchanges 51-53. Words like karija and mayi are neither verbs nor nominals, but are a class of words we will call particles. Lesson One 43 � Listen to these questions and answers and repeat them: 5 1 . Ngana ka purlami? Karija, ngana mayi ka purlami. Who is shouting? Search me! I don't know who is shouting. 52. Ngana ka wangkami? Karija, ngana mayi ka wangkami. Who is speaking? Search me!

Ngana yalumpuju? Who is that? Nyiya-nyiya ngulaju? What is his /her skin name? (you know the one I mean) The reply can be equally simple: just the repetition of the indicating word followed by the required word or name. � 1 7. Here are some examples of such responses. Nyampuju watiya. This is a tree. Yalumpuju Napangardi. That is Napangardi. Ngulaju Nangala She is Nangala. What does that word mean? To question the meaning of a word, try the following formula: Nyiya watiyaju? Nyiya WORD+ju/ji What does watiya mean?

It is normally straight after the first item in the sentence, or if it is not a single-syllable auxiliary, it can be at the beginning of the sentence. Listen to these sentences in which the words are ordered differently, then repeat them yourself: 35. Kurdu ka pamkami. Pamkami ka kurdu. The child is running. 36. Kamta ka wangkami. W angkami ka kamta. The woman is speaking. 37. Wati ka purlami. Purlami ka wati. The man is shouting. 38. Kurdu kulaka pamkami. Kulaka kurdu pamkami. Kulaka pamkami kurdu.

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