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However much you meditate on mind training or Dharma, act as if you are the least servant of everyone and work to control your personality even further. Don't seek sorrow for spurious comforts. would come with someone else's suffering. " and so forth. 50 Point Seven The seventh point reveals the precepts of mind trammg. All absorptions are effected in one. One absorption alone, that of never being divorced from the intention to be helpful to others, carries eating food, wearing clothes, sleeping, moving, sitting, everything on the path.

Therefore, apply yourself to important matters. n time without beginning, you have taken existence in innumerable forms, none of which was put to any use. In the future, a similar occasion of fortunate conditions will not reoccur. At this time you have obtained a human existence, and have met the true Dharma. You should apply yourself to the main objective by which the yearnings of a whole succession of lives will be realized. Moreover, your later welfare is more important than your welfare in this life; and as for the future' freedom is more important than the Cycle of Existence; others' welfare is more important that your own; of practicing or expounding Dharma, practicing is more important; to train in Bodhicitta is more important than any other practice; further, penetrating meditation on your guru's instruction is more important than meditation on examination of scriptural authorities; and to sit on your mat and tram ts more important than any other form of conduct.

The precepts of Rwa-sBreng 52 say: Don't expect others to be nice; invoke your yidam. Don't be consumed by jealousy. You shouldn't be jealous of others. Don't retort when others disparage you in front of a crowd, or injure you, etc. Get rid of disturbances in your personality and attitudes. Po-To-Ba53 has said: All of us, though Dharma devotees, have not made Dharma the remedy of ego-clinging. We have so little patience that we can't bear a thorn in the flesh; we are more jealous than demons. This approach does not serve for Dharma.

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