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This ebook is the long-awaited supplement to Michael Loewe's acclaimed "Biographical Dictionary of the Qin, Former Han and Xin sessions" (2000). With greater than 8,000 entries, established upon old documents and surviving inscriptions, the excellent "Biographical Dictionary of Later Han to the 3 Kingdoms" (23-220 advert) now offers info on women and men of the chinese language international who lived on the time of Later (or japanese) Han, from Liu Xiu, founding Emperor Guangwu (reg. 24-57), to the distinguished warlord Cao Cao (155-220) on the finish of the dynasty. The entries, together with surnames, own names, kinds and dates, are followed through maps, genealogical tables and indexes, with lists of books and detailed bills of girls. those positive aspects, including the handy surveys of the historical past and the executive constitution of the dynasty, will make Rafe de Crespigny's paintings an quintessential software for from now on critical examine of an important yet relatively ignored interval of imperial China.

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HHS 7:318, 88/78:2920. 94); Xiongnu. Son of the Southern Shanyu Han and younger brother of the Shanyu Xuan, Anguo was Worthy King of the Left and Heir under the rule of his cousin the Shanyu Tuntuhe. He led Xiongnu auxiliaries in the campaigns of Dou Xian against the Northern Xiongnu, but achieved no distinction. In 93 Anguo succeeded Tuntuhe as Shanyu, but he was over-shadowed by the prince Shizi, son of the former Shanyu Shi, who had made a name for himself by enthusiastic co-operation with the Chinese and by energetic attacks upon the Northern Xiongnu.

6 Wang Mang initially took title as “Acting” ᾈ or “Regent” 㑞 Emperor on behalf of the infant Liu Ying ⇊⩱ (AD 5-25), who was declared Heir in AD 6, but never reigned. In 9 Wang Mang demoted Liu Ying and proclaimed his own Xin dynasty. On Liu Ying, known as the “Young Prince” ⪻⪑, see sub voce. ] 115 143 138 132 156 176 181 Acceded 11 Mar 23 5 Aug 25 29 Mar 57 5 Sep 75 9 Apr 88 13 Feb 106 23 Sep 106 18 May 125 16 Dec 125 20 Sep 144 6 Mar 145 1 Aug 146 17 Feb 168 15 May 18910 28 Sep 18911 Died Dec 25 29 Mar 57 5 Sep 75 9 Apr 88 13 Feb 106 21 Sep 106 30 Apr 125 10 Dec 125 20 Sep 144 15 Feb 145 26 Jul 146 25 Jan 168 13 May 189 26 March 190 21 April 234 All dates in Part II are AD unless otherwise specified.

Recommended by Dou Rong, he was nominated Abundant Talent and appointed a county magistrate in Linhuai. He left that post on account of ill health, and then held a number of brief appointments in various offices of the Excellencies. Following the death of Wei Ao in 33 Ban Biao presented a memorial proposing the restoration of the office of Protector of the Qiang 媸仍㝢⭊, to supervise the border regions of the northwest where the non-Chinese lived amongst the Han people. His recommendation was accepted, though the post was not long maintained at this time.

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