Download e-book for iPad: 3D radiative transfer in cloudy atmospheres by Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

By Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

ISBN-10: 3540239588

ISBN-13: 9783540239581

Developments in third-dimensional cloud radiation during the last few a long time are assessed and distilled into this contributed quantity. Chapters are authored by means of subject-matter specialists who address a extensive viewers of graduate scholars, researchers, and somebody drawn to cloud-radiation procedures within the sunlight and infrared spectral regions. After introductory chapters and a bit at the basic physics and computational recommendations, the amount generally treats major program parts: the influence of clouds at the Earth's radiation funds, that is a necessary point of weather modeling; and distant statement of clouds, in particular with the complex sensors on present and destiny satellite tv for pc missions.

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The radiation people who had grown up inside atmospheric science were incapable of seeing the gross incongruity of $1000 commercial radiometers not adapted for aircraft use flying alongside much more expensive instruments designed specifically for aircraft. It was an eye-opening experience, and as seminal in shaping my future drive for better radiation instruments and experiments as the review of my 1975 paper had been. 15 16 17 just in time to witness the brilliant sunsets resulting from the Mt.

At root, the Russians say, Monte Carlo has nothing to do with “photons” propagating from one “point scatter” to the next; these are merely convenient (but potentially misleading) fictions for algorithmically calculating the Monte Carlo solution. Expressing the radiative transfer equation with scattering in integral form leads to a sum of integrals of increasing dimensionality, corresponding to higher and higher numbers of scatters (sometimes called the Neumann series). There are no good quadrature methods for such N -dimensional integrals except Monte Carlo and, for small N , a generalization of Trapezoidal Rule (Davis and Rabinowitz, 1984).

I would be hard-pressed to explain it to them. 4 The “Science as Tool-Driven” Viewpoint Looking back over my career, I see that I have always unconsciously subscribed to the idea that science is mainly tool-driven. Perhaps my applied mathematics background inclined me that way. I was furnishing software tools to the community long before that was commonplace and long before I could have articulated any philosophy justifying it as the best use of my time. I intuitively understood that if the tools are not there, no amount of wishful thinking – and often, not even great ideas – will lead to progress.

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3D radiative transfer in cloudy atmospheres by Alexander Marshak, Anthony Davis

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